Bespoke attachments are necessary to meet our customers’ needs

United Kingdom

Challenge: Offer the best and most cost-effective service possible for forklift trucks in the UK.
Solution: Look for the best solutions for our customers.
Result: Reliable partner with good technical knowledge that offers customised solutions.


“Here at Stacatruc, we deal in forklift truck hire, sales, maintenance and finance of new and used machines in the UK”, says Paul Vousden, National Service Director. “Having over 40 years of experience in the forklift truck industry, we pride ourselves on offering the best and most cost-effective service possible. We are always looking for the best solutions for our customers, which means we go further than just offering standard products. Together with CAM attachments, we can create a customised solution that suits our customers’ needs.“

Bespoke attachments

Paul continues: “15 years ago, we started to work with CAM attachments. Over the years we have developed many bespoke attachments. One of the latest customised solutions that we have worked on is a rotating carton clamp for large blocks of chocolate.

Producing bespoke attachments is always quite a challenge. Luckily, we can rely on great customer service which results in weekly contact with my CAM attachments agents Ross and Rob. They both have a large knowledge of the attachments, which is essential for producing customised solutions.”

Flexible to our needs

“We want to offer our forklift customers the best and most cost-effective solution possible. This demands high flexibility from our side, but also from our supplier. CAM attachments offer good quality products. The attachments perform well and have a long lifespan, which is very good for our rental business.“

“From standard to customised attachments: the offering of CAM attachments is flexible to our needs.”

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This 360° rotating clamp for chocolate blocks is equipped with arms that have a stainless steel finish, making it ideal for use in the food & beverage industry. To guarantee a good grip, the entire contact pads are fitted with stainless steel bolt-on studs.