Sideshifter ISO-FEM 2 with sliding pads (ZRF)

Sideshifters are the most common attachments installed on forklifts, allowing you to shift goods 150 mm to both sides, thus greatly improving the flexibility and moving efficiency of the forklift. It is suitable for various applications involving moving and stacking.

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  1. Cylinder integrated into the sideshifter frame, saving room and widening the view.
  2. Easy to install, directly connected to the fork carriage.
  3. Double-headed cylinder rod, providing the same thrust force and speed to both sideshifting sides.
  4. Lower bearings fitted with wear-resistant nylon material to ensure smooth moving.
  5. Highly efficient, easy to maintain and operate.

Technical details

  • 1 hydraulic function
  • W6 - Minimal width lift truck carriage
  • Total sideshifter stroke 100 + 100 mm
Available through the TVH 'MyTotalSource' webshop.