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What is a bucket?
Buckets are essential and commonly used attachments in many sectors. These attachments are developed with a lot of care and professionalism to ensure a long lifespan and to meet the high quality standards of the market and the customers. 
What are the benefits and characteristics of our buckets?
  • Conical shape for easy filling and complete emptying of the bucket
  • Wear strips along the bottom of the bucket to protect the underside of the attachment
  • Curved reinforcement profiles make the bucket much stronger. The extra reinforcement rib in the centre of the bucket increases its strength even more.
  • Profiled side plates for additional strength
  • Extremely durable cutting edge 500HB hardness
  • The excellently executed welding process increases the durability of these attachments.
  • Reinforcement inside the bucket prevents warping*
  • Double-edged blade and teeth increase the durability
  • Used material: steel S355
Optional feature: bucket camera with boom mounting adapter
Genie JCB-Q-fit


Manitou Merlo ZM2 Merlo ZM3


Bucket width
            l mm
CC02710 CC02728 CC02746 CC02764 CC02782 - 900 1900
CC02712 CC02730 CC02748 CC02766 CC02784 - 900
CC02714 CC02732 CC02750 CC02768 CC02786 CC02796 900
CC02716 CC02734 CC02752 CC02770 CC02788 CC02798 900 2450
CC02718 CC02736 CC02754 CC02772 CC02790 - 2000 1900
CC02720 CC02738 CC02756 CC02774 CC02792 - 2000 2100
CC02722 CC02740 CC02758 CC02776 CC02794 CC02800 2000 2300
CC02724 CC02742 CC02760 CC02806 CC02778 CC02802 2500 2300
CC02726 CC02744 CC02762 CC02808 CC02780 CC02804 2500 2450

*These buckets fit CAT and Deutz telehandlers.

Please view the Buckets product leaflet for more information and product specifications.