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Terms & conditions

1. Each CAM attachment benefits from a warranty of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. This warranty excludes
following products, as named in this publication: skips, crane jibs, snow ploughs, forks, fork extensions (open and closed) and
all slip-ons.
2. The warranty is strictly limited to the replacement or the repair of the CAM attachment, or parts thereof, showing a
manufacturing defect, according to the final judgment of CAM S.r.l.
3. CAM Srl shall never accept a warranty claim in the following events:
• customer or end-user have carried out repairs or modifications to the CAM attachment without explicit prior
authorization from CAM S.r.l. or
• the defect results from assembly, maintenance, storage, or use in a manner which is inconsistent with the indications and
recommendations in the CAM user manual, use for purposes other than those described in the CAM user manual, abnormal
use, overloading, or normal wear. For example, warranty does not cover “tear or wear parts” (such as bushes, seal kits,
etc.), or damage resulting from inappropriate use, maintenance or storage (e.g., corrosion resulting from storage in open
air); or
• the original CAM type plate, CAM label or serial number has been removed; or
• the warranty period has lapsed.
4. Warranty claims are administered through your CAM dealer.