Hinged carriage (ZHF)

Hinged fork carriages are widely used in the wood industry, architecture & construction, metal industry and livestock industry. They are designed primarily for tilting forwards, the hinged forks can also be conveniently used for handling palletised loads.

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  1. High-strength all-steel structure design, delivering high efficiency under continuous operation.
  2. E-slot in the overall framework to improve the stability of the product and extend the lifespan of the product.
  3. Extremely durable, thanks to the use of highest quality hydraulic components.
  4. Excellent visibility.
  5. Rugged yet lightweight construction.
  6. Fast arm opening speeds with less energy consumption.
  7. High nett capacity.

Technical details

  • 2 hydraulic functions
hinged carriage
Available through the TVH 'MyTotalSource' webshop.