Maximum care to component quality standards

Over the years we have identified the key suppliers that grant a maximum liability to the components used in the assembly of our attachments.

Technical awareness

Market and product innovation is only adopted by CAM attachments if the product’s performance and durability ensure satisfied customers.


Some CAM attachments have been in use for 25-30 years.

Standard testing

All attachments are tested on a hydraulic test bench to guarantee the best quality possible.


  • CAM attachments is UNI and ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • ISO-certification for CAM attachments is not just a ‘label’ on the shop door. CAM attachments has codified in its ISO-system all the main processes, procedures and instructions.
  • CAM attachments employees follow these regulations daily to reach a high, efficient and measured performance at any level.
  • Welding certificate certified by TÜV.
  • CAM attachments has been using these tools continuously to improve its own standards.