CAM attachments S-line: a new addition to the CAM attachments range

CAM attachments

CAM attachments is expanding and ends the year 2022 with a new sub brand, called CAM attachments S-line. The products from CAM attachments offer a good solution for customers who are looking for a range of attachments with a basic design at competitive prices. This solution has a name: CAM attachments S-line.

Accessible, reliable, reduced cost

“The attachments business is changing, same as the needs of attachments customers and end-users. We’ve listened to their feedback and decided to look further into it. We looked for a solution that strikes the right balance between convenience and reliability at beneficial prices. We decided to launch CAM attachments S-line, where the ‘S’ refers to the second line of CAM attachments”, says Sven Vanoverschelde, category manager of CAM attachments.

What to expect?

Sven explains: “By intensifying the co-operation between the production units and R&D departments of our factories, the S-line is able to offer quality products accompanied by all the necessary documentation and quality standard labels. One of the strengths of CAM attachments is the availability of many attachments and their spare parts, which is also the case for the products included in the S-line. The models of the CAM attachments S-line have a different design and are made of different components compared to our standard CAM attachments models, which provides the opportunity to be even more competitive in the market.”

Proven quality

“The attachments of the S-line have been performing well in Asia and Australia for several years, with a high satisfaction rate by the end users. Because of these local successes, the products of the CAM attachments S-line are being launched in other regions as well”, Sven says proudly. “Thanks to the dual line, CAM attachments is able to fully meet the demands of the business, the customers and the local customizations. It’s the result of a global production approach in response to the demands of some competitive markets.”

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