A customised solution with CAM attachments

Customer stories

In the cardboard business, handling heavy rolls is no exception. You often have to lift the rolls high while avoiding damaging them at same time. This is where Debono Commercials Ltd relied on CAM attachments for a customised solution.

The partnership with CAM attachments

Debono Commercials Ltd (which is located on the island of Malta) is a state-of-the-art manufacturer that specialises in corrugated cardboard products, including reels, boards and cardboard for a wide spectrum of customers, ranging from commercial entities to domestic customers.

Debono Commercials Ltd needed a customised counterbalance forklift truck and for that they wanted a strong and reliable supplier who they could trust in providing a suitable, bespoke solution. The communication process started with Sven, who is the sales development agent for CAM attachments. According to James Zarb, the Commercial Sales Manager of Debono Commercial Ltd, Sven was always very responsive and provided all the required information in a very short time.

The application

The counterbalance forklift truck had to be equipped with a paper roll clamp with a lifting capacity of 8.5 tonnes. The required lifting height was 6 metres, the paper rolls being handled could weigh up to 1.8 tonnes. At times, these paper rolls could be lying flat on the ground and thus the need for a special clamp with a tilt function arose, so that such rolls could be easily picked up from the ground without being damaged.

Within 4 months of the customer’s original request, they received delivery of a new Toyota forklift as well as a new CAM attachments clamp. Since that moment, Debono Commercials Ltd has been launched for many successful years to come.

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