How can I clear snow?

Snow ploughs

During the winter months, snow ploughs and yard scrapers are essential attachments. 

Help, it snows! Or rather: yippee, it snows?! Snow lover or not, some situations require for those lovely snowy carpets to be cleared. Streets, car parks, company premises, terrains ... covered in a thick layer of snow aren't just dangerous, but also highly impractical. For these locations it is important to clear snow as soon as possible, and this preferably in an efficient manner. Not very fond of shovelling snow? Discover here which other attachments can offer you a better alternative. No doubt about it that a thick layer of snow won't discourage you any longer?

Simply clear the loading and unloading area with a snow plough

Heavy snowfall blocks the loading and unloading area of a company site. As a result, goods are no longer delivered or picked up. In such a situation, it is important not to give up. Time for action! Large heaps of snow are easily cleared by means of a snow plough. All you need to do is fit the snow plough to the forks. The type of machine doesn't matter: you can operate the snow plough from your forklift, telehandler, skid steer loader, tractor …

A snow plough is ideal for clearing large snowy surfaces. But did you know that you can also use a snow plough during other seasons? Clearing sand, leaves and other materials is also an option. This turns the snow plough into a versatile attachment which increases the yield of your investment.

Do you want to prepare your company for heavy snowfall? Discover our range of snow ploughs here.

Snow plough vs yard scraper

A yard scraper is another useful tool to clear snow. Just like the snow plough, this attachment is can be mounted to the forks of different types of machines. But what is the difference between these two attachments?

The snow plough can clear snow both to the left or to the right, thanks to the adjustable sweep angle. A yard scraper can't be adjusted and pushes the snow straight ahead. This attachment is mainly used in the agricultural sector, e.g. for cleaning stables. Do you work in the agricultural sector and are you looking for a versatile attachment that can clear snow among other things? In that case, opt for a yard scraper.


Clearing snow is essential during the winter period. Not everybody enjoys this task. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that can help you carry out this job faster and easier, but which attachment is best for what situation? To clear a thick layer of snow, a snow plough is the most appropriate solution for you. The versatile yard scrapers are ideal for clearing thin layers of snow. In both cases, you can contact CAM attachments. In consultation with you, we evaluate your situation and search for the perfect attachment.

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Femke, CAM attachments blogger