Pilot project was the start of a long-lasting collaboration


Challenge: Forklift attachments in the Philippines are very new and most customers are not aware of the different types of attachments that exist. 
Solution: Offer an extended service to our customers, consisting of product and solution awareness, advice for the product selection, after-sales service ...
Result: Collaboration with CAM attachments who support us in providing this service to our customers.


As one of the pioneers of long-term lease contracts for material handling equipment in the Philippines, Capital Industries is well aware of the challenges of the forklift business and how these reflect the local customers’ needs. Steve Cuasay, Vice President, and Jam Cuasay of Capital Industries talk about their experience with the CAM attachments brand.

Lower price but equal - or even better - quality.

“We have known the brand CAM attachments for at least 10 years. We have been a dealer of TVH for many years and they introduced us to the attachments brand. Of course, we had some doubts about trying CAM attachments, just like with anything else that you to try for the first time. In terms of popularity, I can say that the Cascade brand is better known in our market, however, we found that CAM attachments products have a lower price but are of equal - if not better - quality. Looking back, we are very happy that we gave CAM attachments a chance,” Steve Cuasay and Jam Cuasay continue.

Pilot project

“We were helping out one of our customers active in the construction industry. They were looking for a solution to load sling bags filled with cement. We recommended the rotating fork positioner. The fork positioner can rotate 360° and would meet all their needs. After the launch of this pilot project, CAM attachments’ rotating fork positioner has turned into one of our go-to attachments for several projects, together with their multi-fork positioners and push-pulls.

One of the reasons we are so positive about the collaboration with CAM attachments is the relationship between us and our sales agent: Ismail Bin Rosalan. He provides excellent service - the man is an expert in his field”, Steve and Jam Cuasay conclude.

“We started using CAM attachments’ rotating fork positioner in a pilot project for one plant and it became our standard attachment for several projects moving forward.”


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