What is a boom?

A boom allows you to utilise your forklift truck for handling rolls or coiled products. We have 2 types of booms: carpet booms and booms for coils.

Carpet booms are designed for handling carpet and other types of floor covering. Booms for coils are designed to easily lift and move steel coils. These booms are similar to carpet booms, but shorter and with a larger diameter.

Booms are commonly used in the paper handling and secondary industry, to name but a few. This attachment is suitable for many types of machines. In addition to the forklift boom attachment, we also sell this attachment for telehandlers.

What are the benefits of a boom attachment?

By using a boom attachment, you will:

  • carry out your roll handling duties more easily and efficiently.
  • save both time and labour.

What options are available?

There are several options available to tailor your boom to your exact application needs. Options include:

  • Capacity range: from 1000 kg to 6500 kg
  • Carpet booms or booms for coils
  • Different lengths and diameters available

Need more information?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our booms. We are happy to help you!