Termalift: good attachments help our customers work faster, in a more productive and cost-efficient way.

North Macedonia

Challenge: provide every solution for the daily business of our customers
Solution: we need a good quality product with short delivery times and suitable price for our market and customers. 
Result: with these needs satisfied, our customers are working faster and in a more productive and cost-efficient way.


Termalift DD is a company that produces lifting and transport equipment. It offers the import, repair and sale of forklifts, as well as the delivery and installation of MEWPs on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and surroundings. “We have over 350 forklifts of various makes and models in stock, ready for delivery in all types of sectors”, says Filip Damjanovski,Assistant General Manager at Termalift. “This means that we also have to offer different types of attachments with short delivery times, and that’s where CAM attachments plays a leading role in our story”, explains Filip.

Never failed us

“We opt for CAM attachments because we have a long-standing partnership with TVH and we believe in the quality that TVH delivers. We have been buying products from CAM attachments for the past 7 years and they have never failed us in terms of quality, delivery times or support”, says Filip smiling. “We did have some doubts concerning the price. We are a very price-sensitive market with low standards compared to Europe, so we need good prices in order to win deals and extend our long-term presence on the market”, explains Filip. “But we never doubted on the quality or delivery times.”

7 years of non-stop functioning attachments and zero complaints 

Filip continues: “We purchased many types of attachments including sideshifters, rotators, bale camps, appliance clamps, roll clamps and many more. We have delivered non-stop functioning attachments for the past 7 years and our customers haven’t had a single complaint about them. The attachments are developed for high-intensity use and some customers even use the attachments during 2-shift operations without any problems.The CAM attachments team consists of nice and friendly people, they provide fast and direct answers that are very clear to understand.”

Together we can get the job done

“From our customers’ point of view, the products of CAM attachments have increased their productivity. They handle the goods more safely and with less damage, and their forklift drivers are more satisfied and do the job with ease. That’s all that matters to us: to help our customers”, Filip ends.

“We have been buying CAM attachments products for the past 7 years and they have never failed us in terms of quality, delivery or support.”


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These movies were created by Termalift. They show the use of the CAM attachments drum clamp with 360° rotation, for handling 1 or 2 drums.