About CAM attachments

CAM attachments products are recognised for their high quality standards and reliability. Thanks to our extensive accumulated experience, we can offer you a wide range of high-quality attachments.

We have achieved great popularity in Western European countries such as Italy, France, the UK, Portugal, Germany, Spain and Belgium. We sell our products in more than 80 countries all over the world. 

Product portfolio

Our product range includes a comprehensive variety of attachments, for different industries and types of machines. Sideshifters, fork positioners, multi-fork positioners, bale clamps, fork clamps, 180° or 360° rotating clamps, carton clamps and paper roll clamps are just some of the products manufactured by our Italian plant CAM Srl, but also skips, crane jibs, snow ploughs and forks are in our range. Moreover, CAM attachments offers customised solutions by studying the customer’s internal processes and produces attachments specifically tuned to those needs. 

Key industries

Supported by its flexibility and experience, CAM attachments products successfully operate in all the main sectors of the market, such as the logistics industry, construction, food and beverage, agricultural sector, paper handling, recycling, white goods, manufacturing and foundry applications.

Attachments for all machines

Our attachments are made for different types of machines, such as forklifts, skid steer loaders, telehandlers and tractor loaders.

Our history