Alfabs Forklift & Access’ first CAM attachments purchase resulted in many more


Challenge: Offer and use cost-effective quality attachments.
Solution: Reliable partner that carries the same values.
Result: Multiple CAM attachments products, built for many purposes.


Alfabs Forklift & Access is part of the Alfabs Group, which is a well-established heavy engineering company that boasts experience and diversity through many different business units across the mining, infrastructure, energy and construction sectors. Sam Pticek, manager of the forklift division, uses multiple products of CAM attachments. “It all started with an attractive offer,” Sam reveals.

Good pricing

Sam continues: “It was Mike Wildeisen, a representative from TVH, who introduced me to CAM attachments. We received a good offer so I thought: why wouldn’t I try one of the attachments? The attachment worked well. The team is also great to work with, so it didn’t end with one purchase.”

Expectations were exceeded

“I now own multiple CAM attachments products. They are built for all purposes and they all meet, and even exceed, my expectations. My customers are happy, so I’m also a very happy man,” says Sam.

“The CAM attachments products all meet, and even exceed, my expectations”


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