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Challenge:offer the best solutions, even customised, to help our customer.
Solution: a reliable attachments partner with customized options, great technical knowledge and support.
Result: long-term business relationship, great support over the years.


“Great collaboration and strong support leads to long-term business relationships. This is the reason why we choose for CAM attachments”, says an employee of Bangkok Forklift center, a forklift dealer that besides selling also offers service and rental solutions. 

Great collaboration and strong support

“We are already 8 years a satisfied customer”, explains an employee. “At that moment, CAM attachments was a little player in the local forklift business so of course we had some doubts. It was the technical team of CAM attachments that convinced us. They assisted us on the right applications and specifications upon receiving our requirements.Even until now,  the team provides us all kinds of necessary advice in many ways such as: technical training, going with us to the site to convince the end-user, preparing presentations, …”

CAM attachments’ flexibility on customised products with complete explanations leads us to great solutions for our customers. Also the support for making inquiries to our customers, the marketing tools and technical support are from great value for our company. 

Growing market share

“Since 2013 we see a significant growth of CAM attachments in our local market which also results in a bigger market share for our company. The growth started to move faster when CAM attachments had their new production plant in China, besides the one in Italy. 

Thanks to the local production plant we are able to respond even faster to our customer’s needs: The lead times reduced from 3 months until now 6-8 weeks. We are now offering almost the full range of attachments.”

“CAM attachments’ flexibility on customised attachments leads us to great solutions for our customers.”

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CAM attachments fork positioner and paper roll clamp at Bangkok Forklift Center.