CAM attachment rotators contribute to the Belgian recycling sector


Challenge: Contribute to a safer and environmentally friendly world through sustainable recycling.
Solution: Recovery of reusable raw materials and creation of new material solutions mainly from post-consumer and industrial waste.
Result: Rotators with specific modifications for the processing of raw materials.


Campine is a Belgian SME active in the recycling and chemical sector. The company is an internationally respected resource recovery partner and one of the world's largest producers of antimony trioxide. "We use CAM attachments rotators to process the raw materials supplied and to pour out plastic containers filled with batteries", says Davy Bols, work planner at Campine. "The start of a great collaboration with a promising future", Davy adds.

4 rotators

"It was probably in the year 2015 that we were looking for new rotators to replace the old ones. The older units came from CAM attachments and since we were satisfied with this brand, we again opted for CAM attachments", Davy explains. "The rotators are used in the processing of incoming raw materials. We process the raw materials, e.g. batteries, into plastic bins and these bins are then rotated or dumped. It is important that the plastic containers remain on the forks during rotation. That is why the rotators are equipped with a special mounting system, tailored to our specific needs."

New project

"The rotators are used on a daily basis, so the quality aspect is very important", Davy adds. "The quality of the rotators meets our demands. Also, the cooperation with my CAM attachments sales contact feels good. We recently spoke about a new project for clamping lead bricks. I think this is the best proof that we are very satisfied with the brand, otherwise we wouldn't be entering into new projects with CAM attachments", says Davy with a smile.

"The main advantage is the possibility to adapt the CAM attachments rotators to our specific needs."


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The CAM attachments rotators are used daily at Campine.