CAM attachments supports Greek forklift repairer to offer customers the best possible handling solutions


Challenge: make my customers’ jobs easier
Solution: offer the best handling solutions to my customers 
Result: CAM attachments sideshifters and paper roll clamps


Sideshifters and paper roll clamps

“We buy sideshifters and paper roll clamps from CAM attachments. Many years ago, I got in touch with the brand through TVH. We never had doubts when we started this collaboration. The quality of the products is very good and that gave us the confidence to choose this brand,” Mr Dejan continues. 


“I’m very happy that I can offer CAM attachments to my customers. In my opinion, I’m not selling products to my customers; I’m selling solutions that respond to my customers' needs. These attachments help my customers to do their job easily and more efficiently. What is beneficial for my customers, is also beneficial for me.”

“The results of the CAM attachments solutions are beneficial. These attachments make my customers’ jobs easier."


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