The company TD Special Machines: Development, production and sale of attachments, taking into account the peculiarities of the operation of forklifts in Russian conditions


Challenge: Sale of attachments for lift trucks
Solution: Wide range of CAM attachments with excellent quality
Result: Satisfied customers


Grigory from TD Special Machines: "Our main goal is the sale of attachments for forklifts and the development of attachments that take into account the peculiarities of operating lift trucks in Russian conditions. To achieve this goal, we partner with companies that offer a wide range of good quality equipment. About 5 years ago we became TVH customers and from day one we started buying CAM attachments equipment. We can say with confidence that we have never had any doubts about cooperating with TVH and the CAM attachments brand, as their attachments help in solving many of our customers' problems. We are also pleased with the communication with managers who are ready to help in any situation and with any questions."

Excellent quality

Gregory continues: “We have been CAM attachments customers for a long time, so the list of equipment we buy is very long. It's impossible to list them all. But all these devices have one thing in common and that is their excellent quality! "

"We never had any doubts about CAM attachments."


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