From forks and sideshifters to paper roll clamps: Central Forklifts sells CAM attachments

South Africa

Challenge: offer a paper roll clamp that is sufficiently robust for the customer’s application.
Solution: look for a brand that combines quality, good pricing and sharp delivery times.
Result: CAM attachments paper roll clamp.


Central Forklifts is a forklift rental and servicing company situated in South-Africa. A while ago they started to offer CAM attachments forks and sideshifters and they recently sold a paper roll clamp to one of their customers. Anthony Tait, co-owner of Central Forklifts explains why they offered a CAM attachments paper roll clamp.

Robust and well-priced

“For many years we have been buying forks and sideshifters from CAM attachments and we were always satisfied with the product quality. On a certain day, one of our customers wanted to replace his paper roll clamp. We offered a CAM attachments paper roll clamp that was competitively priced  and sufficiently robust for his application. The decision was quickly made: the customer opted for the CAM attachments paper roll clamp”, says Anthony. 

Delivery time is a major plus

“I have to admit that the delivery time also had a positive impact on my customer’s decision”, Anthony continues. “CAM attachments had this paper roll clamp in stock, which means that my customer didn’t need to wait 8 - 12 weeks for delivery. In most cases, this is a major advantage to have. If I compare the products of CAM attachments with other well-known top brands on the market, I see little to no difference at all between the quality. In fact, the simplicity and robustness of CAM attachments’ design is definitely a major plus point”.

“The simplicity and robustness of CAM attachments’ design is a major plus point.”


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