Italian forklift dealer GF Car opts for quality attachments combined with availability


Challenge: be able to deliver the requested products to our customers quickly.
Solution: working together with CAM attachments because of their good availability.
Result: different CAM attachments products, especially the PL fork positioner.


GF Car is an Italian company specialised in forklifts and warehouse handling equipment. Mr Francesco Sciortino, owner of GF Car, explains why he decided to choose CAM attachments all these years ago.

Availability is the strength

“We did have some hesitations to start buying CAM attachments products”, says Francesco. “Our contact person, Mrs Giacobino, did her job well and she was able to convince us to try one of the attachments. If you wonder how she could convince me, I must say that the stock availability of the products is one of the biggest strengths. Also, the competitive price/quality ratio compared to other market players makes the CAM attachments brand very attractive.”  

Fork positioner for intensive use

“Currently we are buying all types of attachments, especially the PL fork positioner which is a great forklift attachment for high-intensity use. After all these years, we are still very pleased about the contact we have with Mrs Giacobino and also the support we receive from Mr Corbani. They are very attentive and help us in different ways.”

“The availability of the attachments is one of CAM attachments’ major strengths”


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