Moving paper rolls without damage: no problem thanks to CAM attachments


Challenge: process raw materials such as paper with as little damage as possible.
Solution: practical solutions and quality equipment from CAM attachments.
Result: paper roll clamp equipped with a specific contact surface to prevent damage.


Smurfit Kappa is the number 1 in Europe when it comes to the production of corrugated cardboard packaging, container board and 'bag in box'. "Our choice to work with CAM attachments did not happen overnight", admits Bart Smets, Project & Improvement manager at Smurfit Kappa. "After an extensive needs assessment and contact with one of the specialists, we resolutely opted for CAM attachments."

Careful needs assessment

Bart Smets: "We offer a wide variety of packaging, which means that a multitude of raw materials (cardboard, paper, etc.) must be processed. When processing paper, for example, it is important that the paper roll is damaged as little as possible. So proper equipment is essential." 

Bart continues: "The choice for our CAM attachments paper roll clamp was made after making a thorough analysis of our business needs, together with Sven from the CAM attachments team. On the basis of this inventory, the possible devices were presented. The different solutions and the professional guidance were decisive for our choice to fully engage with CAM attachments."

Satisfactory results

"We opted for a paper roll clamp equipped with a specific contact surface to prevent damage. The paper roll clamp is currently in the evaluation phase, the purchase is quite recent. The first results are already very satisfactory."

"And the same goes for the good guidance provided by Sven and the entire CAM attachments team", Bart testifies. "It is clear that the team has the necessary technical expertise, because this attachment is a great asset in practice. That also says a lot about the team's practical experience, which is very valuable".

"Our needs assessment indicated that the paper roll clamp from CAM attachments is the ideal solution for us."

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