Nationwide combines correct lead times, quality and personal service thanks to CAM attachments


Challenge: in the material handling industry you need to have the lead time and quality of a product right. Get it wrong once and you lose your customer.
Solution: a reliable attachments partner for our 400 hire fleet – CAM attachments.
Result: a solid relationship with the industry leader for quality, strong and valuable attachments.


“Nationwide runs a 400 strong hire fleet. Having the best attachments, the ones guaranteeing the least amount of down time, enables me to run a more profitable business,” Robbie Wraith, Operations manager from Nationwide. “It’s the combination of strong local support and attachments made to last that are doing the trick. Nationwide Sales, Service and Rentals is a company that specialises in forklift sales, forklift servicing and forklift hire for all makes and models of forklifts and access equipment.

Passionate about forklifts

“We're passionate about the work we do, and we try to go above and beyond for all of our customers,” tells Robbie proudly. “CAM attachments is our partner for the forklift attachments; they support us in staying true to our commitment. The brand is the industry leader for quality, strength and value, and rightly so. They get the attachments right, which  are made to last. That’s what we need in our forklift business: products that we can place on the shelf and that are ready to go.”

Local attachments specialists are only a call away

“The ability to call my local agent from CAM attachments in Brisbane and have them attend my customers site to correctly spec the attachments saves me time, headaches and money. When your client is unsure of what exactly it is they require, having a professional, industry leader in your team is priceless,” continues Robbie. “The Brisbane CAM attachments team of Dom, Geoff and Ariel are my go-to guys. Whether it’s a production update or technical requirement, they are only a call away.”

“Time and time again, I have used CAM attachments’ expertise and advice to confirm what is needed to offer the best attachments in the industry. To have a well-priced product and local representation to lean on makes all the difference.”

“Having a well-priced product and local representation to lean on makes all the difference.”

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