Trucktech AS admits: CAM attachments ticks all of our boxes


Challenge: our goal is to offer optimal solutions at a cost-effective price.
Solution: work closely with the customer in order to be able to accommodate their changing needs.
Result: collaboration with CAM attachments: wide range and possibility to customise the attachments.


“As a well-known supplier of lifting equipment in Norway, we try to make things as simple as possible for our customers” says Odd Arne Andersrod from Trucktech as. “We need a flexible partner that can offer standard quality products, but also has the ability to offer bespoke solutions. We found that partner in the brand CAM attachments.”

Tick off the boxes

“If we want to keep our customers satisfied, we need to be able to offer products with a good price level, short delivery times and high stock levels”, reveals Odd Arne. CAM attachments is able to tick off these three boxes. In addition to these advantages, I can also count on the support of their sales team. The brand offers the complete package of what I expect of a good partnership, so there were no doubts when we started our collaboration”, continues Arne.

PJ fork positioner and special adaptations

“We use CAM attachments to equip new machines and as an aftermarket replacement. Most of the time we buy the PJ fork positioner. Sometimes we also receive the request from our customers to make some special adaptations. These special adaptations are doing the trick for our customers because we’re able to offer exactly what they need. CAM attachments is able to carry out these modifications, which opens up a lot of possibilities for our market. These customised solutions always come with good results.”

“Thanks to CAM attachments, we can offer a complete solution to our customers.”

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Odd Arne Andersrod, sales advisor responsible for equipment at Trucktech standing next to the attachments specialist of Norway, Nicklas Svensson, and some CAM attachments fork positioners.