Agricultural attachments make the harvest and hay season a whole lot easier

Box rotators
Hay clamps

Working in agriculture demands intense physical labour. It’s often stressful, especially when harvesting fruits and vegetables, and during the hay season. Wouldn’t it be great to have an alternative to back-busting work? Check out these handy attachments for agricultural equipment. They get the job done with ease, saving the elbow grease for when it’s really needed.


Hay clamps

Transform your tractor, telehandler or another material handling machine into an impressive hay collector with this attachment. A hay clamp picks up wrapped bales and puts them on your truck or directly into hay storage. It’s important to choose a strong, solid hay clamp for this heavy-duty lifting. Look for one with powerful, reinforced arms.


Bale spears and bale carriers 

Bale spears are the perfect attachment for collecting hay bales with your tractor, telehandler or another machine. Choose from models with three or five tines, depending on the scope of your operation.

 After your hay bales have been wrapped, the best way to move them is with a bale carrier. This lets you easily transport foil-wrapped bales without damaging the wrapping.


Box rotator

A box rotator, or box tipper, is a versatile attachment that’s used in many different sectors. You’ll find them in the fishing industry, dumping freshly caught fish into containers. In the wood industry, they transport wood blocks to wood-cutting machines. And in the world of agriculture, box rotators are especially helpful during the harvest season. For example, freshly picked grapes are collected in boxes. Using a box rotator, it’s easy to transport this box and empty the grapes straight into storage.

There are many different models of box rotators available. Choose between a model that rotates 180° or 360°. Some models have an adjustable or foldable arm on the right or left. And there are specific versions made for specific industries.

Looking for more ways to enhance your machines for the harvest and hay season? There are plenty of attachments in our range that are perfect for your tractor, telehandler or other agricultural machines. Visit CAM attachments to see all the available attachments sorted by machine type or sector.

Do you need customised attachments? Then you’re in the right place. We adapt attachments to perfectly suit our customers’ specific needs. Click here to read what our customers think about their customised attachments, or contact your regional sales agent to find out more.