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Are you looking for a custom-made solution for your lift truck or telehandler? 

Then continue reading, as further down you can discover how CAM S.r.l. can help you. After all, it is a company that can boast many years of experience in the production of attachments, and is well-known for its high-quality products and reliability. The brand ‘CAM attachments’ has an extensive product range consisting of both hydraulic and mechanical attachments, and supplies customised solutions to anyone. There are no limitations: truly any request for a bespoke solution can be realised.

For what applications can custom attachments be manufactured?

Many applications are possible, ranging from the agricultural to the beverage industry. Some examples: 

  • Reinforcing a hay clamp
  • Modifying the arms of a paper roll clamp
  • Modifying a rotating for a container with non-standard dimensions 
  • Adding a tilt function to an attachment to enable it to perform a motion that it cannot normally perform

In other words: whether it be small modifications or fully customised attachments, CAM attachments can realise it all for you.

You see, many people don't know that the solution is usually not far away, and is often quite obvious.

Are you familiar with the standard attachments in the CAM attachments range?

Take a close look at the full CAM attachments product range and don't hesitate to ask the sales agents for free advice and explanation, in order to find the solution that meets your needs best.

Working together with a company such as CAM S.r.l. offers many benefits, but above all the certainty that your request is followed up optimally in any phase.

How can you request an offer for a custom-made attachment?

We would like to ask you to anticipate the typical questions and therefore keep the following information at hand in order to be able to realise your bespoke request: 

  • Dimensions and weight of the attachment to install
  • Model and make of the machine onto which the attachment will be installed

When we receive a request, we forward this to the technical office, where a detailed analysis is carried out and the feasibility of the desired product is checked on a technical and productive level. We then confirm the production time. Next, the offer is created and technical drawings are added so that you can check if the design of the product definitely matches your original request. 

What are the next steps to be taken? 

The moment that you receive the offer and accept it, all you need to do is forward the order confirmation via e-mail to ( or via fax to (+32 56 43 44 88). 

Only if and when you have fallowed these steps, will the production process start. First of all, we will determine what parts must be produced, after which we inform you about the date of delivery.

... and the delivery time?

In general, the delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks for simple modifications, while more complex projects can take up to 12 weeks.

Control and certificate

Once the assembly process has been completed, the control phase starts. Each attachment is subjected to strict tests on test benches, as a result of which we can guarantee you that the product meets the high standards for which CAM attachments is known.

Before a product is sold, it is subjected to the structural calculations and tests required according to the standards stipulated in UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

After the controls, the mandatory CE-certificate - together with the different manuals and parts list of the product - is released.

The quality of the welding is certified by TÜV.

The custom-made attachments also receive the same warranty as the products from the standard CAM attachments range. 


So place your trust in the reliability of CAM attachments for each bespoke solution. Remember that we can process your request faster if you can provide us with useful info such as dimensions etc.

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Andrea, CAM attachments blogger