CAM attachments

Continuous improvement is one of the key pillars of CAM attachments. The specialist in reliable attachments is continually working on expanding and improving its range, increasing its customers' productivity. Some recent innovations merit a closer look.


The commitment of CAM attachments to improve and innovate is reinforced by its investment in R&D. Spread over two locations – and in close collaboration across continents – 14 staff members devote their time and talents full-time to research and develop improvements on existing products or design new products. Over the years, these endeavours have led to the successful development of the cellulose bale clamp with a patented cutting system, the new carton clamp with its patented system or the improved version of CAM attachments' push-pull.


CAM attachments has updated – and upgraded –  its rotator, the PRC. Freshly off the drawing table, the new and improved PRC has a new design, allowing increased visibility. Next, CAM attachments achieved a weight reduction of the attachment without compromising its load capacity. In other words, the new rotator has less lost load and can handle heavier loads than its predecessor.

On top of that, the new PRC also stands for a safer and easier system to block forks. Small blocks can be attached to the rotator and keep the forks in place, thus enhancing user-friendliness while retaining its high safety standards.


The new fork positioner received some improvements as well. One of the innovations is the use of T-beams. This results in an optimised opening of the sliding guides, giving the attachment quite literally a wider range. And thanks to the solid structure, the fork positioner can be used for heavier loads. It also creates more visibility.

The icing on the cake

Did you know… the flow divider has become a standard feature on many of our fork positioners without additional cost? This hydraulic system enables perfect automatic synchronisation of the two sliders, creating a position change that significantly enhances speed and accuracy. Plus, it's so much easier. 

You can find the flow divider on the following fork positioning models:

  • Wide-opening fork positioner with FEM fork carriers (WA)
  • Wide-opening fork positioner with welded forks (WF)
  • Fork positioner with bar-mounted FEM fork carriers with integrated sideshift (PJA)
  • Integrated fork positioner with pin-type forks and integrated sideshift (PJI-T)
  • Fork positioner with pin-type forks and integrated sideshift (PJ-T)

On top of that, the flow divider is a standard feature in all clamps, too.


You can have a significant impact with small innovations. Take the new cylinder joint, for instance. The 'old' joint was composed of a rounded nut and a flat washer to keep everything in place, but that resulted in a setup that was a bit too stiff: small bumps in the road caused shocks throughout the structure, resulting in unnecessary noise but also in possibly breaking the cylinder when handling heavy loads.

The new system comprises a bigger rounded nut, spacer and rounded washer; this improves cylinder movement and avoids stress on the thread, mitigating those small bumps in the road.

The new setup applies to heavy-duty clamps, such as in recycling environments.


CAM attachments also redesigned its paper roll clamp, achieving an optimised production process and enhanced user advantages.

For instance, its arms have become thinner, improving its opening range. The smoother design of the arms also gives them easier access to densely packed paper rolls. Next, we were able to optimise the production process with newly cast contact pads as a result. This optimisation also entails material reduction and an easier welding process. Plus, the clamp has a more secure grip on its load, as it now has four separate contact points instead of two.

Furthermore, the new paper roll clamp has a new, thinner gearbox on the back of the attachment. Its new position makes it easier to access, saving time in case of maintenance. 

The rotating joint has also been redesigned, achieving an improved and simplified hydraulic system: the joint is built up with fewer components and no longer needs a sequential valve.

Finally, let's be honest: it just looks better.


CAM attachments is not one to sit on its laurels. As per our commitment to continuous improvement, we keep innovating by developing new products and improving our existing range. We are confident that our efforts today and tomorrow will be key to more comfort, productivity and safety for our customers.

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