Employee interview: discover the story of the Ragni brothers

CAM attachments

"Thanks to my younger brother I took the step towards CAM attachments and I haven't regretted it for one second."

Matteo and Marco are two brothers who both work for CAM attachments in the Italian production plant. They are both part of the impressive production process that each attachment goes through.

Matteo is the head of production and manages a team of 38 employees. His team is responsible for the planning and realisation of the production of the attachments. Marco is part of the Technical Office team which is responsible for the technical drawings of the products.

Both brothers feel right at home in the CAM attachments family. After all, Marco started working for the company thanks to Matteo. Matteo has been working for CAM attachments for 14 years and is very positive about his job. 'At CAM attachments I get the opportunity to learn. And after work, there's time to relax together with the colleagues. For example, we regularly go out for a bite or a drink together. It's really nice here!" says Matteo. His enthusiasm and passion for his job clearly didn't leave his brother Marco untouched. 'Nine months ago I changed jobs and chose for CAM attachments. I strongly believe in our products. We score very high in terms of price and quality. It's very fascinating to see how good we are at making customised attachments. From the design on paper to manufacturing the product: everything happens here at our premises, and I'm extremely proud of that" says Marco.

Favourite attachment

When asked which attachment is their favourite, both brothers answer differently. Matteo is a fan of the paper roll clamp. "Making this product requires a lot of work and effort, but that is what makes it so beautiful." says Matteo. Marco in turn chooses the bale clamp. "I'm currently focussing on this attachment, because I'm involved in developing the bale clamp. That way, my technical interest and knowledge keep increasing" Marco says.

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