How can wireless weighing forks optimise the logistical processes?

Weighing forks

Quickly and easily improve the logistical processes within your company by equipping your lift trucks with wireless weighing forks. Thanks to this weighing system, you not only transport goods, you also easily weigh your load, as a result of which you simplify a lot of warehouse tasks. Curious to find out the benefits of these weighing forks? Then continue reading below.

Check the weight of incoming shipments in no time

You often need to weigh incoming shipments before placing them in stock. Wireless weighing forks allow you to immediately weigh deliveries while unloading the lorry. This way, you can immediately react if the shipment turns out to be incomplete, and you avoid potential differences in stock level.

Immediate check of outgoing shipments

When it comes to outgoing shipments, the weight is one of the important factors. You can efficiently check this by weighing the goods before loading the lorry. This also immediately prevents the lorries from leaving overloaded.

Prevent picking errors

Picking errors are costly and time-consuming. Thanks to this truck-mounted weighing system, you can quickly compare the stated weight of the article to the actual weight on the forks on the spot. If you notice an error, you can immediately correct it at the picking location itself.

Improve your stock management

Lift trucks equipped with these weighing forks are connected wirelessly to the logistical software system used by your company. This provides a better insight in the internal materials flows, such as the incoming goods, the material in and out of production, and the outgoing goods. This in turn results in fewer delays during the delivery and in an increase in customer confidence.

Not fully convinced yet? Below you can find some additional benefits:

  • Low installation costs, so a small investment and a higher return on the investment.
  • A higher lifting capacity thanks to a minimal shift of the centre of gravity.
  • Excellent view on the fork tips: increased safety and less accidents.
  • Components of the weighing scales are easily accessible and digitally calibrated: less maintenance required.
  • Use wireless weighing forks in combination with fork positioners.

So invest in weighing forks if you wish to optimise your internal logistical processes and cut costs. Are you interested? Then definitely have a look at the leaflet as well as the video, in which you can find more features and specific information.

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