Maintaining attachments? Piece of cake!

CAM attachments

Not only a lift truck, but also an attachment requires regular maintenance. Are you looking for a convenient overview with some tips on how to maintain your attachment, such as a box rotator or a sideshifter? Then definitely keep on reading, you've come to the right place!

First things first
The first and perhaps most important point of attention: remove the key from the control panel of your lift truck or telehandler. This way, the machine cannot move unexpectedly and your safety is guaranteed. Apply the handbrake and operate the control lever to eliminate the hydraulic pressure. Okay, all set to start performing the maintenance. Let's get to it!

Start off with a wash!
Even an attachment needs to be cleaned. Make sure to only use a damp cloth and some soapy water. Solvents, petrol and strong detergents can be harmful.
If it isn't possible to clean the attachment in this way, then you can also use a high-pressure cleaner, set to a maximum of 200 bar.

Daily inspection
Check the top and bottom hooks of the attachment on a daily basis. Also pay attention to the functioning of the attachment: do you notice a problem, e.g. a loose bolt or a strange noise? Or is everything functioning normally?

Every 100 hours
Check the mounting hooks of the lift truck. Are these still firmly attached? Is everything secured properly?
Next, check for any loose or missing bolts. Are all hoses still intact? Do the hoses show signs of wear or damage? Are there any hydraulic leaks?

To conclude, inspect the warning symbols and labels for their legibility. Replace damaged or illegible markings, stickers and plates.

Every 2000 hours
Check the level of wear of the piston seals and replace these if necessary.

Of course, each attachment has its own specific points of attention. These are mentioned in the user manual. We recommend testing the attachment during 5 cycles after each service. This way you are sure that the attachment was connected correctly again. Even a good inspection of the forks of your lift truck or telehandler contributes to a longer lifespan of the attachment.

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