The perfect bucket for your telehandler


Buckets are one of the most widely used attachments for telehandlers. They exist in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the make of your telehandler, you make an initial selection of buckets that suit it. But what other options are there? And what's important when choosing an attachment? You can read it below!

Buckets are useful and frequently used attachments that can be used in both the construction industry and the agricultural sector. Just think of loading rubble, soil or potatoes. There are also models that can be used to dig. You recognise these by the teeth on the cutting edge.

The design and the materials of which the bucket is made play an important part in the lifespan of your attachment. Choose a model that has a hardened intermediate piece inside. This intermediate piece ensures that your bucket does not bend or deform when digging in hard soil or loading heavy materials.

Definitely have a look at how the material is welded. A nicely welded bucket demonstrates a high-quality welding process. In some working environments, it's also an advantage that these can be stacked, as a result of which they will take up less space during transport. So go for a conically shaped model. Moreover, this shape ensures that the contents easily 'slide' out of the bucket when emptying it.  In that way, no rubble or other materials remain stuck.

Do you want to be sure that you're buying a high-quality bucket? Then watch the below details during your next purchase.

  • Wear strips protect the bottom.
  • Curved side plates provide extra strength.
  • Extremely durable attack blade with hardness 500HB.
  • Bucket is made of structural steel S355.


It's also possible to pimp your bucket with useful accessories. To guarantee the safety of both the telehandler driver and his environment, we recommend installing a camera system . This system is mounted to the telescopic boom by means of an adapter. Do you use public roads with your telehandler? In that case, it's mandatory to protect the attack blade of your bucket by means of a cover.

Are you looking for a new bucket that meets with the above requirements ? Or would you like to receive more information about other attachments that suit your telehandler? Just give us a call and we will gladly help you.

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Femke, CAM attachments blogger