Concrete block clamp (HC)

Our HC concrete block clamp is the result of an innovative and successful technical process. This clamp is ideal to handle loads with an irregular profile such as concrete blocks or stacks of bricks.


Each arm clamping surface consists of a row of freely moving, small polyurethane blocks that push against a unique cushion, made of a sealed rubber chamber filled with liquid. Based on the principle of the communicating vessels, this chamber causes the row of contact blocks to self-regulate so that they always adjust perfectly to the irregular profile of a concrete block or a stack of bricks.

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  • Load touches the clamping arm
  • Blocks hit the cushion with fluid
  • Fluid compensates with forward pressure
  • Unique valve block with retaining valve & maximum pressure valve
  • Screw regulators on the arm cylinders to ensure synchronised arm movement
  • Extruded steel profiles grant a high capacity while keeping the body thickness (LL) at a minimum
  • Full body width plastic bushes

Technical details

  • W6 - Minimal width lift truck carriage
  • Opening range measured across arm tips
  • Self-compensating polyurethane arm pads
  • Without sideshifter
  • Bolted arms
Available through the TVH 'MyTotalSource' webshop.