Reach forks (RHF)

The CAM attachments hydraulic reach forks are a new addition to our fork range. They improve how efficiently you can work with your forklift. You can easily load or unload goods from one side without moving to and from either side of the vehicle. It's no secret that these type of forks are the solution for many loading and transport needs! This extra option for loading and unloading is a benefit that saves you time.

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  1. High resistance to deflection thanks to a single cylinder fitted in the fixed element
  2. High internal power – cylinder bore of 35 mm
  3. Outer forks made of high-quality material with high tensile strength, and reinforced at the bottom by a 6 mm Hardox wear plate
  4. Synchronised fork movements thanks to the external flow divider

Technical details

  • L3: dimension measured from top of the fork to the pallet stop
  • Integrated flow divider
Reach forks (RHF)
Reach forks (RHF-T)


Available through the TVH 'MyTotalSource' webshop.