Push-pull (PP)

The push-pull is a forklift attachment designed to move goods that aren’t placed on pallets. Replacing the pallet with sheets reduces cost of the packaging and allows for an increase in the volume of the goods movable in trucks and containers. On top of this, it helps to optimise the use of warehousing space. The slip-sheet retainer option allows the sheets of paper, carton or plastic that are placed below the load to be re-used. This attachment is often used in construction, industry and food & beverage environments.

Safety first thanks to the push-pull. The very strong structure offers increased strength, as well as an optimal forklift driver visibility in both retracted and extended push-pull positions. It even offers extra protection to all the delicate hydraulic components. Furthermore, this handling solution is easy to install. You can choose between an installation onto the carriage or onto the forklift forks. This second version is ideal for companies who cannot justify the use of a dedicated forklift truck just for the handling of goods on sheets.

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  • Very strong structure and powerful cylinder
  • Maximum visibility for the forklift driver in both retracted and extended positions
  • Rubber profile protects all the delicate hydraulic components
  • Fast and easy mounting onto the carriage or on the forks, thanks to an extremely quick and effective fitting system

Technical details

  • Hook-on model
Available through the TVH 'MyTotalSource' webshop.