Easily choose your new attachment thanks to the new CAM attachments website

CAM attachments

2019 is the year of novelties for CAM attachments. At the beginning of January, we presented the new product catalogue that contains a number of new products. This month, we are proud to present the revamped website. The adapted structure and various new possibilities ensure that you will find the correct attachment with only a few mouse clicks.

Custom attachments

Choosing a specific attachment depends on various factors. For example, the type of machine, load, industry and function of the attachment play an important role. From now on, you can look for the appropriate product starting from one of these search methods. Of course, you can also consult the complete attachments range, clearly grouped per attachment type.

Residual capacity calculator

In order to improve the user-friendliness of the calculator, we have changed the formula. This means you can now calculate the residual capacity even faster and easier. When you install an attachment on a lift truck, the weight of the attachment, load and lost load cause the lift truck to loose lifting capacity. That is why it is important to know what the residual capacity of your lift truck is, so that it doesn't tip over when lifting a load. Another new function is that you can now receive the result via e-mail. That way, you can consult the results afterwards or easily send it to a colleague.

Operating manuals and parts lists

The operating manuals and parts list are delivered together with the attachment. Occasionally, the customer loses these documents. That is why you can now also find these documents via the log-in zone on the website. This allows you you to consult them whenever you need them, without losing valuable time.


Stay informed of new products, general trends in the attachments world, exhibition visits, customised solutions, fun tips and tricks on our blog page. Thanks to the filter option, you can search very specifically for blogs that concern your favourite subjects. Definitely keep an eye on this page!


The CAM attachments team isn't sitting idle. We are continuously improving our website in order to optimise your user experience.  Currently, you can only receive a quote of the selected product, but in the future we want to give you the option to order the products as well. There are a number of other novelties planned that will positively influence the visitor experience. So visit our website regularly to stay informed of all new features! You can of course also send us your suggestions via the contact page.


The CAM attachments team