New products, new layout and improved structure: this is what you can expect from the new CAM attachments price list.

CAM attachments

The new price list includes the extensive range of attachments and forks, divided into 26 chapters and always with a little extra explanation about the applications of the attachments. 

Easily search for attachments by machine or sector

For some important models such as the box rotator, the bale clamp, the paper roll clamp and the roll-forward skip, we focus extra on the advantages of the products. The photographs, additional information and technical data ensure that you can make the right choice.

Also new in this price list is the use of icons indicating the type of machine and sector that apply to the attachments. Are you e.g. looking for lift truck attachments? Thanks to the convenient machine icons, you can very quickly see which products are suitable. Even the sectors or areas of application are indicated per product. You can choose from the agricultural, industrial, paper processing, construction or food sector.

A useful overview of all product groups ─ sorted by machine and sector ─ can be found at the beginning of the price list.

These handy icons make it clear which machine and sector are applicable.

New models tailored to the needs of the customer

Of course, no new price list would be complete without new products. The wireless weighing forks for lift trucks and the telehandler buckets were launched in 2018, but can be found in the price list for the first time. Obviously there are also a number of new models that will be shown for the first time as a result of the launch of the price list. We are very proud to present a new rotator. The PRC-Z model was specially designed for the fishing industry. And what about our new fork positioners such as the PFR and the PJADiscover the new models here.

The buckets, weighing forks, fork positioner and the box rotator are some of the examples of new products in the price list.

The last modified aspect of the price list is probably also the most visual: the price list has been drawn up in the new style of CAM attachments. The new style and logo were introduced in early 2018 and were part of the rebranding of the make.

Curious about the new price list? Discover it here.