Kingsley Beverages chooses CAM attachments

Customer stories

TVH PARTS South Africa is one of the suppliers of our CAM attachments brand. They have had a great collaboration with the soft drink manufacturer Kingsley Beverages and supplied the company with 12 CAM attachments multi-fork positioners. Jacqueline Briel, the CAM attachments sales development agent for South Africa explains this success story.

How did this deal come about?

Before we closed this deal, Kingsley Beverages was already a good customer of TVH Parts South Africa, but mainly for forklift parts and accessories.  Jakes Olivier attended the CAM System event last year and spoke highly of our CAM attachments brand.  They requested a multi-fork positioner for “testing” purposes, our attachment outperformed the competitors by far. Linde Material Handling is the preferred fork truck supplier for Kingsley Beverages. As a result, TVH and​ the Linde Material handling sales team worked closely together to supply the soft drink manufacturer with a total of 12 brand-new Linde trucks fitted with our CAM attachments…  

How has business been going ever since?

Fantastic! Kingsley Beverages is extremely happy with the quality of​ (the CAM attachments​products/the CAM attachments quality): the devices work hard as it is a 24-hour operation and they are easy and cost-effective to maintain.​ ​​The company has had a multi-fork positioner running for a year and a half now, and this far only needed to replace the wear slides. This positioner still looks good and works just as hard as the new attachments. The fork truck drivers also find the CAM attachment very clean and easy to use. Thanks to this positive feedback, the company now insists that when a competitor attachment needs to be replaced on their fleet, they are going to replace it with a CAM attachments multi-fork positioner.
TVH PARTS South Africa has now supplied them with a total of 12 DPS25A multi-fork positioners, fitted to the new Linde forklift trucks and secured an additional order of 4 more units due in the course of the year with more opportunities ahead. This story is to be continued.


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