A new start for CAM System®: CAM System becomes CAM attachments®

CAM attachments

You might have already noticed: the brand CAM System looks slightly different. What's more, even the name has changed to CAM attachments. You are probably curious to find out the how and why behind this rebranding?

CAM System, the attachment brand, focussed strongly on quality, product development and customer service in recent years.  We would like to put these positive changes in the spotlight. A strong brand deserves a strong logo, and a strong logo needs a well-thought-out corporate identity.
The first step in the rebranding process was the name change. We deliberately chose the name CAM attachments instead of CAM System. The word ‘attachment’ already gives a strong indication of what the brand stands for.
The next step was the creation of the logo. The red colour and the shape of the ‘old’ logo were maintained because of their recognisability. The selected font emanates strength and sturdiness. This emphasises the impressive and robust character of the attachments. 

Based on these properties, the new corporate identity was developed, in which the attachments are central. The emphasis is placed on the extensive range of CAM attachments. From a sideshifter, over a push-pull and roll-forward container, to forks ... You can contact CAM attachments for all your attachments. By the way, did you know that we offer attachments for different types of machines, such as telehandlers, lift trucks, agricultural machinery and skid steer loaders?
We also offer specialised attachments for different types of sectors, which all meet the needs and requirements of these sectors. A concrete block clamp for the construction industry, a rotator for the fishing industry and a stainless steel roll-forward container for the food industry are just some examples. CAM attachments is active in the industrial, agricultural, construction, paper handling and food & beverage sector.
In short: CAM attachments offers an extensive range of attachments for different types of machines and sectors. Strengthened by years of experience and high quality standards, we are the best partner for your attachments. Or are you rather looking for an attachment you can customise? Even in this situation, CAM attachments is your best option. CAM attachments and custom-made solutions go hand in hand.