CAM attachments Launches 4 New Products in 2019

CAM attachments

The R&D team of CAM attachments have been very active. Based on feedback and requests of our customers, we have put a lot of time and energy over the past year in the expansion of our attachments range. It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce 4 new products to you.

New Range of Fork Positioners

To meet the expectation of our customers, we expanded our range of fork positioners with the new PFR and PJA. The PFR is a rotating fork positioner that is extremely suitable for lifting and rotating heavy loads. This model is, among other things, also available in a mounting class FEM 4 version. The PJA is a fork positioner with built-in sideshifter and bar-mounted FEM fork carriers. This attachment distinguishes itself thanks to its self-lubricating upper sliding bushes and lower pads.

Heavy Duty Telehandler Buckets

Buckets are one of the most widely used attachments for telehandlers, especially for companies active in the agricultural and construction sector. Our buckets are unique because of the conical design and the use of high-grade steel (500HB) for the cutting edge.

You can find more product advantages of our buckets here.

Lithium Battery Weighing Forks for Fast and Efficient Load Handling

By using weighing forks, you can perform two actions simultaneously: lifting the load and weighing it. Thanks to the wireless Bluetooth technology, the data is transferred to your internal system. A number of models of the weighing forks are also available with a lithium battery. This battery lasts longer than standard batteries. Read more about the advantages.

Durable Rotator for Port and Fishery

An attachment used in the fishing industry and port environment requires an adapted design and specific finish. To increase the resistance to the corrosive effects of salt water, the most delicate and sensitive parts were given an extra zinc layer. On top of that, high-strength seals were added to provide additional protection for the bearing. The rotator is available in 5 models, depending on the capacity of your lift truck.

You can find more information in our brand new product catalogue.