7 reasons to opt for a CAM attachments push-pull


A push-pull is a frequently used attachment in the food and construction sector. Never heard of this lift truck attachment before? Then you might want to start by reading this blog in which the functionalities of a push-pull are explained. Do you know how a push-pull functions and would you like to find out if a push-pull can add value to your company? Discover 7 reasons to consider the purchase of a CAM attachments push-pull.

1. Safety first

The CAM attachments push-pull has a very open structure resulting in maximum visibility for the lift truck driver. This optimal visibility is guaranteed both in the retracted and in the extended condition. The push-pull is a large and powerful attachment. That is why it is very important for the lift truck driver to have the best possible overview of his surroundings. 

2. Extra protection

During the design phase, a rubber profile was chosen that protects all delicate hydraulic parts. This reduces the risk of hydraulic damage and leaks, and you save on the purchase of expensive spare parts.

3. Strong and powerful

The cylinder provides the push and pull motion of the attachment. The load, which is placed on a slip sheet, must be able to be moved in a precise and smooth manner. That requires a powerful cylinder and a strong frame structure. 

4. Quick installation 

You can opt for a carriage-mounted push-pull, but also for a push-pull that is installed onto the lift truck forks. That model is equipped with fork sleeves, allowing the forks to slide in very easily. This version guarantees a fast and easy installation.

5. Wide range

CAM attachments offers a range of push-pulls with different mounting options. Both versions offer models with or without slip sheet holder. Once you've decided on these two choices, you then still need to choose between push-pulls with different capacities. So something for everybody! 

6. Extra options

Some models can be equipped with a separate sideshifter. It is also possible to order a push-pull with fork sleeves for different fork sections. 

7. Tailor-made for the customer

It is possible to customise the push-pull according to your specific requirements. The expert team of CAM attachments listens to the needs and expectations of your company and composes the ideal push-pull for you. Read the success story about a bespoke solution from a satisfied customer here.

The CAM attachments push-pull is made of strong materials. This attachment is available in different models with multiple options which you can choose yourself. 

So the CAM attachments push-pull has a lot to offer. Discover all advantages at a glance in the push-pull product movie. Would you like to learn how to maintain attachments? You can find some tips and tricks here. Feel free to contact the CAM attachments team; they will gladly help you in your search for the ideal attachment for your lift truck or telehandler.