CAM attachments Launches 4 New Products in 2019

The R&D team of CAM attachments have been very active. Based on feedback and requests of our customers, we have put a lot of time and energy over the past year in the expansion of our attachments range. It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce 4 new products to you.
CAM attachments

Moving non-palletised goods easily: meet the push-pull

Push-pulls are very specific lift truck attachments that have 1 function: to move non-palletised goods. Attachments can usually perform multiple functions: e.g. clamping and moving. Despite the limited functionalities of the push-pull, this attachments gradually gains in popularity in the food-processing industry, construction and the maritime sector. The reason why is clear: using a push-pull is lucrative.

7 reasons to opt for a CAM attachments push-pull

A push-pull is a frequently used attachment in the food and construction sector. Never heard of this lift truck attachment before? Then you might want to start by reading this blog in which the functionalities of a push-pull are explained.

A customised solution with CAM attachments

In the cardboard business, handling heavy rolls is no exception. You often have to lift the rolls high while avoiding damaging them at same time. This is where Debono Commercials Ltd relied on CAM attachments for a customised solution.
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