Success story personalised push-pull: no more hard labour

What started as an encounter during LogiMAT 2017, turned into a successful cooperation with a customised push-pull in the lead. Both the customer and CAM attachments look back with satisfaction: the request for a second model is currently ongoing.
CAM attachments
Customer stories

CAM attachments Launches 4 New Products in 2019

The R&D team of CAM attachments have been very active. Based on feedback and requests of our customers, we have put a lot of time and energy over the past year in the expansion of our attachments range. It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce 4 new products to you.
CAM attachments

Moving non-palletised goods easily: meet the push-pull

Push-pulls are very specific lift truck attachments that have 1 function: to move non-palletised goods. Attachments can usually perform multiple functions: e.g. clamping and moving. Despite the limited functionalities of the push-pull, this attachments gradually gains in popularity in the food-processing industry, construction and the maritime sector. The reason why is clear: using a push-pull is lucrative.