7 reasons to opt for a CAM attachments push-pull

A push-pull is a frequently used attachment in the food and construction sector. Never heard of this lift truck attachment before? Then you might want to start by reading this blog in which the functionalities of a push-pull are explained.

A customised solution with CAM attachments

In the cardboard business, handling heavy rolls is no exception. You often have to lift the rolls high while avoiding damaging them at same time. This is where Debono Commercials Ltd relied on CAM attachments for a customised solution.
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How can wireless weighing forks optimise the logistical processes?

Quickly and easily improve the logistical processes within your company by equipping your lift trucks with wireless weighing forks. Thanks to this weighing system, you not only transport goods, you also easily weigh your load, as a result of which you simplify a lot of warehouse tasks. Curious to find out the benefits of these weighing forks?
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Kingsley Beverages chooses CAM attachments

TVH PARTS South Africa is one of the suppliers of our CAM attachments brand. They have had a great collaboration with the soft drink manufacturer Kingsley Beverages and supplied the company with 12 CAM attachments multi-fork positioners. Jacqueline Briel, the CAM attachments sales development agent for South Africa explains this success story.
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The perfect bucket for your telehandler

Buckets are one of the most widely used attachments for telehandlers. They exist in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the make of your telehandler, you make an initial selection of buckets that suit it. But what other options are there? And what's important when choosing an attachment?

Maintaining attachments? Piece of cake!

Not only a lift truck, but also an attachment requires regular maintenance. Are you looking for a convenient overview with some tips on how to maintain your attachment, such as a box rotator or a sideshifter? Then definitely keep on reading, you've come to the right place!
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